About Us

We are a team of expert strategic consultants, biostatisticians, statistical programmers, data standards subject matter experts, and data scientists, who have been working in industry for past 15 years. Our team members are veteran data scientists working in healthcare and clinical data and research analytics and in data reporting in various therapeutic areas with special focus on Oncology, Immunology, and CNS.

In addition to this, our team has also been working extensively on data received from various non-standard sources such as labs and hospitals. We hold significant subject matter expertise in leading industry data standards in healthcare and clinical data. Our collaborative efforts across the globe helps provide value proposition to our clients through implementation of innovative methods while optimizing the cost advantage. Our research and analytics services are focused data visualization, research data modelling, mining and analysis. These services help our clients to execute right business and scientific decisions in timely manner. Our staff is up speed with industry trends including applications of machine learning, and automation in research and analytical services.